Simple Writing Schedule

Keep reading.

You can’t be a good writer if you don’t read. Read read read and then you will write better.

Create a conducive writing environment.

It can range from turning off the TV and radio to finding the best chair or room to write from. A comfortable environment can work wonders for a writer. Eliminate all distractions.

Tell friends or family about your goals.

Family is great support system especially on the days you don’t feel like writing. Create a plan and set up your routine around them. Every writer can use some inspiration.

Take it one step at a time.

You can’t become an established writer overnight. It is a process that can take years to perfect.

Write your chapters from beginning to end and then go back and edit.

This is my favourite. I remember only having a page for each chapter. After a few months, I had written 80,000 words. Write at a time of day that suits your productivity.

Have an actual routine.

Writing in the morning may be ideal for some writers while others may choose later hours of the day. Follow the routine that works for you. Determine your most productive time of day.

Write down your goals.

Maybe you plan to complete you writing project in a month or week or year.  Having a simple plan that elaborates you goal will keep you focused.

Track your progress.

You can create an excel spreadsheet or a word document that you can track as your writing progresses!


2 thoughts on “Simple Writing Schedule

  1. Good advice 🙂 I tend to struggle with editing my writing too soon. Instead of writing a whole chapter and then going back over it, I obsess over each paragraph! It means I hardly get any writing done even when I’ve been trying for an hour! I’ll definitely be trying harder to finish a chapter and then edit.

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