How to Write Well

Write every day. One of the benefits of writing is that you have a chance to edit your work  before the reader gets hold of it. Use fewer words whenever feasible. A sentence should contain no unnecessary words. Read a LOT. By reading and reading and reading. Anyone who wants to improve their writing needs to … Continue reading How to Write Well


8 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Write

While motivation to write is a struggle with most writers, it’s particularly tough for fiction writers. We often end up working on a novel or book for years. As a result, the Novel is abandoned altogether. Pleasant Writing Environment Write in a place that is conducive to your mental processes. Every writer whether they do it … Continue reading 8 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Write

The Writing Process

Revise the beginning of your novel. The beginning of your story is the most important part! A boring beginning discourages the reader. Give yourself at least a few days to read over the beginning of your novel and check for development and clarity. Adjustment in drastic tone shifts and clarifying the flow is needed at every […]